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Why Did I Feel ILL When I Started MMS?

A detox program is intended to pull toxins from our bodies and help us release those toxins.

Any detox process that you begin, whether its MMS - miracle mineral solution, or any other successful detox program should have that effect.


As we release the toxins from our cells where they are stored, we can overwhelm our circulatory system by releasing too much at one time. This is known as Herxheimer Reaction.

For this reason it is advised to start with one to two drops of MMS- Miracle Mineral solution so that your body can perform that initial dump of toxins without the flu-like symptoms that accompany many detox programs. You should slowly step your way up to the recommended maximum dose, one drop at a time.

If you are completely healthy then you can take a full dose, 15 drops, with no ill-effect because your body has little or no toxins stored in your cells. If your body is full of toxins and unhealthy or foreign substances, then you may experience the effect of what is called die-off. Many of us carry many toxins in our systems. Because of our diets and exposure to chemicals that accumulate in the body, the Miracle Mineral - MMS protocol recommends a low dosage, slowly increased.

If symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea occur you should lower the dosage a drop or two until those symptoms clear, and then slowly increase the dosage again. You will likely find that the previous dose that caused the discomfort is no longer a challenge. This shows that the MMS has done its job, and the symptoms were only caused by the die-off.

With any detoxification process it is likely that you will feel the effects of the release of the toxins that have caused you health problems and lessened your body's ability to thrive. You may feel worse before you feel better. This is not caused by the Miracle Mineral solution - MMS, but by the release of those toxic substances that you are now releasing from your body.

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